Connect your data and build amazing visualizations for the web

BStreams helps you to collect and observe your data through visualizations to support your communication in a clear and effective way

Boost Data

Create datasets library and enhance your raw data by adding metrics and calculated fields.

Choose the visualizations

Get the right visualization for your data choosing among our library of charts.

how to edit charts in BStreams

Edit charts

Apply dimensions and metrics from your dataset and tune the perfect style for your layout.

Export & share

Embed the BStream into your own web pages or share it with your peers.

desktop with some data visualization

No code required but unlimited customization if needed

We designed BStreams’s UI to make every step as simple as possible and allow any user to be immediately productive.

BStreams’ visualizations are built on top of the amazing Mike Bostock’s D3.js library.
If you have a basic knowledge of D3.js you can create new visualizations based on our examples or starting from scratch.

Datasets repository

You can upload your data and use them in any bstream you create.

We have also collected a series of ready-to-use datasets related to important and current topics that we keep up to date and will grow over time. Freely add these datasets to your data repository and start creating new data visualizations right away.

man with a folder of data visualization
data visualizations and charts

Create responsive content for the web

Publish your bstream to embed it on your web page.
Don’t worry, it’s readable on all devices as its content is fully responsive.

Create a bstream to analyze your data by multiple perspectives

Add many charts to analyze data in a visually engaging way.
Create aggregation functions and complex calculation on your dataset fields that can be reused on multiple charts.

functions and metrics of data visualization
woman unlocking a data visualization issue

On-premise installation for enterprises and public departments

BStreams can be installed on-premise environments to achieve more complex regulatory compliance.

We created BStreams to help you communicate better and to validate your concepts with objective data because we believe that a thesis is sustainable only if supported by the facts and we are sincerely tired of reading so many crazy news.

BStreams Team

Enhance your contents with amazing data visualization

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