1. Data Visualization
  2. Rich Visualization with BStreams’ features

Smart Visualization with BStreams’ features

A heterogeneous and homogenous audience may alter the process of data visualization. BStreams is an intelligent tool which designed to take into consideration the needs of both groups.


In this article specifically, some tips and hints regarded the data visualization for heterogeneous audiences represented and you will learn about:

  • Who is the heterogeneous audience for data visualization? 
  • How it can affect the process of data visualization? 
  • How you can use BStreams’ features for a rich illustration? 

The heterogeneous audience

Public awareness these days is not a concerning issue, but when it comes to complex and particular data, it should be done in a special way to ease the comprehension and communication of the topic. The heterogeneous audience will have different interpretations, engagements, and conclusions from the same data visualization since there is diversity in the level of background, expertise, and preferences.

The procedure for the demonstration of sophisticated data may affect the process of data collection, design, selection of charts, and detail of the illustrated data, but knowing the instinct of the audience also will help to ease the process. The heterogeneous audience may have a big contrast in terms of culture, language, background knowledge, and priorities. With understanding the plain line between the usage of your topic for naive people and simplification of the data representation in a smart way, the result can be used for everyone.

Process of data visualization for the heterogeneous audience

For this purpose, it is important to consider the different needs and perspectives of each individual and to design the visualization in a way that is accessible and easy to understand for all. This may include using clear and simple language, providing context and background information, and offering different levels of detail or interactivity for users to explore the data.

The topic “Italian Snowboard’s Trainer” was a complex dataset, which was bounded to cultural, linguistic and use cases. Considering the topic and the audience, we could overcome the challenges and collect hints during the process of creation. In general Design of the data, Illustration, and Flow of the information are taken into consideration to represent all the BStreams features in a practical manner.

The flow of the data

HTML magic

BStreams has an intelligent design. You can use HTML language and adjust your Title and Paragraph charts, Footer, Header, and Highlight features. Here you can find small and simple tricks of HTML language for modification of your  charts:

  • <br>: Align and adjust the space between your texts.
  • <li>TEXT</li>: Create bullet points  for your texts. Use this tag to give your audience a list of facts.
  • <a href=”LINK”>TEXT</a>: If you wish to add more than one link to your text, use this tag.
  • Inline CSS: Using (style=” “) inside of your HTML tags enables various modification with CSS.

Intelligent illustration


Use labels to mark important data. Reduce the density of the information in the charts, and grab the attention of the audience by using highlights.
For instance, the map is embedded with highlights, in order to indicate the winners, and provide an external link for more information.
You can add HTML blocks and codes, in order to have more interactions.


Engage the audience by providing more content about your data. By using the Icons feature, add a sense of hierarchy and emphasis to specific data points within the chart. Moreover, the images can create consistency between your data and your visualization’s design.
Icons are embedded as features in the bubble chart and also the Marker map. You can use images on the pop-up window, to increase the interaction and engenmanet.

Subtitle vs Legend

For indicating the different dimensions of the data, the legend is very helpful. Since embedding legend in the charts may occupy space or alter the alignment of the charts, you can use the subtitle in the charts with inline CSS.
Use <span style=”color: Red;font-family: Inter”>TEXT</span> to change the color and fonts of the specific texts. If you are more interested this link can introduce more CSS modifications.

Design and Ratio

Colors can speak

Define a specific color for indicating your phenomena, and choose one in contrast and one lighter color shade and create your main color palette. It’s on your taste to use more contrasting colors or harmonious tones.
Snowboarding is a winter sport, therefore the majority of the used color palettes are influenced by the natural color palettes like snow in mountains, snow and sunset, and similar natural phenomena. This helps to create a visual engagement regarding the topic and the audience’s consciousness.

Keep the Ratio

On each row click on the icon  allows you to adjust the height of each chart. The adjustment ratio between visualization elements should be chosen in a way that allows the viewer to easily understand the data being presented and also to communicate the message clearly.
Notice that by adjusting the height of one chart, it can alter the height of the other charts in the same row. 

Table customization

We improved the readability of the table by stripe feature. Since there are many rows worth of visualization, this feature helped us to differentiate the rows by a different color.
Enabling the sorting for specific columns enhances the user’s experience and accessibility. With this feature, users are able to explore the data and organize them in a shorter time.


In conclusion, data visualization plays a crucial role in public awareness, as it helps to make complex information more accessible and understandable for a diverse audience. It is noteworthy that priori knowledge of the designer,  limitation of the tools and infrastructure and also data itself might alter the process and the result of the data visualization. BStreams’ goal was to remove the boundaries specialization of data visualization and ease it in a brilliant way for everyone. The nature of the represented features, implies on the accomplishment of this aim.