Who are we?

We are experts in data analytics, visualization and information communication. Our team loves to develop simple and affordable systems to create beautiful reports, BI dashboards and stories with data


Data visualization within everyone’s reach

With years of experience working in the field of business organization, we have seen first hand how difficult it is for most of their employees to have access to useful tools which will help them communicate that precious data they require for their tasks.

BI programs are too complex to use if you are not an expert and licenses are really expensive, so the processing and visualization of data must be entrusted to the IT department, which is always too busy with other tasks. For this reason, most of them end up exchanging simple data files that don’t “speak for themselves”.

That’s why we developed BStreams!

Our mission

We want to make communication more accessible through the use of data and graphic displays in an easy way for everyone. We develop applications, services and training for individual users and organizations who want to communicate in an immediate and engaging way through data visualization.

Meet our team

Massimiliano Di Bartolo,
co-founder & CEO

He is the ‘handyman’ of the company.
Thanks to all the years of experience working in all kinds of large companies, Massimiliano always has an avalanche of new ideas to develop.

Marco Ciampoli,
co-founder & CTO

He can pretty much manage any kind of technological task, and be impressively good at it!
When he is not on the cloud, he turns into a guitar hero.


The dream team

Luigi Keller,
customer manager

It remains a mystery how he manages to live alone in the mountains and still be so adept at improving collaboration and creating winning customer experiences.


Claudio Veggiotti,
senior backend developer

He constantly works on the improvement of both the existing and the development of new features. He loves playing darts and, as with code development, he hits the mark more often than not!


Homeyra Mahmoudi,
basemap creator

She is a geospatial engineer, very proud and passionate about her work.
When she is not working, she loves hiking, swimming and gaming.


Lorenzo Dorini,
data scientist

He manages data, finds trends and pushes all the results to the BStreams’ data hub.
When he is not handling data, he loves chilling with food, beer and a lot of friends.


Get in touch

If you need help analyzing your data, creating a visual map or doing something beautiful with your spreadsheets get in touch with us at support@bstreams.io