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Custom reporting collaborative tool made for Agencies

Reports are vital for your business, putting all your activities together in one place. Create customised reports in an easy and collaborative way, save your Agency time!


How long do you spend trying to realise valuable reports for all your clients?

  • Easily report on all your data. Show everyone valuable information for your business in a clean and clear way with interactive charts, maps and tables.
  • Choose the size of charts and maps, how much space to leave between the elements, which colours to use and more, just in a few clicks.
  • Modify BI dashboards and data stories in a collaborative way at the same time. The easiest way to multi-hand work on reports!

Analysing an Excel spreadsheet to spot a trend can take a lot of time and effort, while a chart can make it obvious in a second. Say Goodbye to data-packed spreadsheets!
Once done, embed reports and data stories on your website in minutes.
Update them in real-time at any time, simply by changing the data source.

Unlock the hidden potential of data in your work, share clean and clear reports that truly satisfy the customers

  • Put everything that has been done so far into the right perspective. Tell about your work and results achieved in a visual way.
  • Save time when reporting and during alignment meetings. Graphical visualisation of the data is worth a thousand words.
  • Effectively communicate the goals achieved. This is very useful for building customer loyalty. A dashboard can also be invaluable in identifying mistakes and better paths.

Display the most relevant data first. Choose the best charts, maps and tables to enhance your work. Add notes and highlights to better convey each message.
With BStreams you can use data storytelling for reports and get straight to the point.
All members of your team can use BStreams with satisfaction. Unify metrics and data, deliver insights with no coding!


How to create reports and dashboards which are perfect for each client

We developed BStreams with agencies who need fine-tune reporting in mind . You can create great reports and dashboards in a few minutes starting from the best data to tell the objectives achieved. You can highly personalise any reports on the awareness, market trends, performance and so on


Data preparation and management
Upload once for unlimited data visualisation! Each user can independently prepare the data which remains available and can be used in many ways. No work from the IT department required.


Bring data visualisation to life
It’s just a Drag and Drop job… Changing views, chart types, formats or table sizes is effortless as well as adding filters and highlights. Choose what to privilege based on your customer’s needs.


Share and update
Embed reports and BI dashboards on your website automatically or share them with customers using just a link. Outcomes are updated in real time by simply changing the data when needed.

BStreams Platform Features for any kind of agencies

Create highly customised dashboards to show customers the results achieved with a fixed budget. Quickly share with your team observations and actions to be taken

Integrate and enrich data

Unify all data in one place. Enrich the datasets as needed, creating new calculation fields, inserting geographic coordinates, setting filters and analysis parameters.

BStreams Reporting

Easy sharing with stakeholder and audience

Create data streams by connecting multiple data sources, tables and files, without any assistance from your IT department.


Meets client’s reporting needs

Create historical analyses of the work done, identify new goals and objectives, find out which actions have worked best: all in a simple way.


High level of customization

Drag and drop insights, add visuals and features, customize reports to suit your functional and style needs.

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Enterprise ready collaborative Business Reporting Platform.


Custom reporting collaborative tool made for Nonprofit.


Custom reporting collaborative tool made for Research.


KPIs reporting collaborative tool made for Sales Managers.

Want to know more?

Enterprise ready collaborative Business Reporting Platform
Solve your business reporting needs regardless of either the source of the data or the skills of your employees. Everybody can create interactive data reports in a collaborative way!

Custom reporting collaborative tool made for Nonprofit
Quickly and easily create a large variety of customisable reports and dashboards, add filters for better insights, share results on your website, social networks or via link

Custom reporting collaborative tool made for Research
Easily create a large variety of customisable reports, integrate them in your research, invite team members to collaborate on either data preparation and visualisation or just one of the tasks

KPIs reporting collaborative tool made for Sales Managers
Key Performance Indicators can really help your sales team measure their efficiency. Tell your KPIs in an easy and collaborative way, so you can improve methods and processes to drive sales!

Take a look: here’s what your agency can achieve thanks to BStreams


Create and share with customers dashboards and reports in minutes, not days

BStreams helps you get the best out of your data by creating customised reports perfect for your customers’ needs

  • Upload data in the Hub and share them with clients
  • Archive the files of each customer in an organised way
  • Customise data storytelling and reporting
  • Publish the way you want on websites or social networks