Changelog: notable changes

We work daily to give you a high-quality service. Keep track of all the changes we did so far.

November, 2021

19 November ● IMPROVEMENT: added the possibility to create a data table with only metrics or dimensions.

October, 2021

27 October ● BUG FIXED: bug fixed in the creation of the thumbnail in the published project.

13 October ● IMPROVEMENT: added an internal function control to estimate the final size of an aggregated dataset that prevents the calculation when the estimate is too large.

12 October ● NEW FEATURE: user warning and block message when a chart has too many elements to display.

11 October ● IMPROVEMENT: added the “sort by” functionality on the grid table chart.

8 October ● BUG FIXED: initial tutorials went wrong after an update. Now they work correctly.

8 October ● IMPROVEMENT: performance improvement for the creation of the thumbnails used on the bstreams repository and for social sharing.

7 October ● NEW FEATURE: before sharing the url of a bstream, the user can add an access code to secure it.

6 October ● BUG FIXED: when a user added a prefix/suffix to a dataset field, it couldn’t be removed anymore. It has been fixed.

6 October ● NEW FEATURE: added the Today() function to the list of functions for calculated fields

5 October ● NEW FEATURE: grid tables have been implemented.

July, 2021

29 July ● IMPROVEMENT: DataHub datasets have been optimized, eliminating useless fields and thus reducing size.

29 July ● IMPROVEMENT: the performance regarding the visualization of the graphs has been optimized.

25 July ● BUG FIXED:  bug concerning the dataset’s update procedure has been fixed.

20 July ● IMPROVEMENT: the Covid Italian Regions dataset has been removed, leaving only the Covid-19 Italian regions cases and vaccines.

13 July ● NEW FEATURE: labels implemented to have more information to display within the chart.

13 July ● IMPROVEMENT: tooltips modified to manage the color, the dimension, and the position of the text 

12 July ● NEW FEATURE: pixels have been substituted with sizes XXS XS S M L XL XXL. Text sizes can be chosen more efficiently.

10 July ● IMPROVEMENT: colors have been modified: 

    1. the base color has been changed to the blu BStreams to respect the brand identity.
    2. two new color palettes have been introduced: the BStreams palette with the brand’s colors and the Nature palette with colors reflecting nature.

10 July ● IMPROVEMENT: title, subtitle, footer, data values, and legend elements modified making them HTML elements.

7 July ● NEW FEATURE: customize the style of textual elements by adding HTML code.

5 July ● NEW FEATURE: legend visualization implemented with pagination for when there are more elements.

2 July ● NEW FEATURE: all visualizations optimized with a responsive resolution on mobiles.

May, 2021

28 May ● IMPROVEMENT: textarea in the Paragraph object to accept HTML codes and syntax control.

changelog improvement of html codes and syntax control

20 May ● IMPROVEMENT: update the code editor for calculated fields with syntax highlighting and control of the cursor position.

18 May ● BUG FIX: calculated fields and metrics names now allow spaces.

April, 2021

27 Apr  ● NEW FEATURE: connection system between charts with:

    1. intuitive display system
    2. creation of constraints between graphs
    3. filter propagation between graphs

26 Apr ● NEW FEATURE: filterable checkbox in the dataset editor to select the fields to be available in the filter panel.

24 Apr ● NEW FEATURE: filter panel to let users select elements from the original dataset.

changelog new feature about filter panel

February, 2021

24 Feb NEW FEATURE: social media share buttons to share a BStreams on:

    1. Facebook
    2. Linkedin
    3. Twitter

22 Feb NEW FEATURE: notification system.

19 Feb ● IMPROVEMENT: new file into the DataHub for Italian Covid-19 cases and vaccines.

16 Feb ● IMPROVEMENT: added “Tutorial 1 – How to create your first chart” and “Tutorial 2 – How to use a dataset”.

11 Feb ● NEW FEATURE: icons within charts.

icons as a new feature in the BStreams changelog

5 Feb ● NEW FEATURE: option to filter the data shown on a chart.

January, 2021

22 Jan ● IMPROVEMENT: added tooltips on many user controls.

18 Jan ● IMPROVEMENT: added thumbnail on the BSstreams after closing the editor.

13 Jan ● NEW FEATURE: DataHub to host public and private data.

December, 2020

18 Dec ● BUG FIX: fixed the procedure to check the column name when updating a file.

17 Dec ● IMPROVEMENT: updated dataset by uploading a new version of the original file.

October, 2020

22 Oct ● Version 1.0.0, first public release.