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Custom reporting collaborative tool made for Nonprofit

Quickly and easily create a large variety of customisable reports and dashboards, add filters for better insights, share results on your website, social networks or via link


How long does your team spend creating all the reports your organisation needs?

  • You have to produce a wide variety of reports with different goals, and spreadsheets don’t allow you to do that properly.
  • Each team uses too many different tools to produce reports: putting together data and insights becomes a nightmare especially when you have to produce summary reports.
  • Your colleagues and collaborators need to create reports and dashboards collaboratively but it takes a thousand steps.

Speed up and simplify all kinds of reporting with flexible dashboards that anyone in your Nonprofit organisation can easily create, update in real time and share online with internal and external stakeholders.
Unify all your data and deliver insights with no coding.
Boost data-driven decisions and build trust!

Unlock the hidden data potential in your work, share insights and increase trust starting today!

  • Bring all your data together in one hub and allow everyone to use it. Show valuable information in a clean and clear way with interactive visual elements.
  • Choose the size of charts, maps and tables, how much space to leave between the elements, which colours to use and more, just in a few clicks.
  • Modify dashboards, reports and data stories in a collaborative way at the same time. The easiest way to multi-hand work on reports!

Dashboards are much more than an interface with complicated numbers and charts: they can build trust.
Thanks to BStreams you can combine informative graphs and metrics giving everybody a clear overview of all your activities over time, with no coding.
Put everything that has been done so far into the right perspective!


How to create compelling reports and dashboards

We developed BStreams with keeping in mind Nonprofit organisations who need to produce many different types of reports and dashboards with one easy-to-use tool. Add filters, notes and highlight crucial information for each team member. Upload data to the hub, share it with other teams, always keep it organised. Give the possibility of autonomous access to information to those who need it.


Data preparation and management
Upload once for unlimited data visualisation! Each user can independently prepare the data which remains available and can be used in many ways. No work from the IT department required.


Bring data visualisation to life
It’s just a Drag and Drop job… Changing views, chart types, formats or table sizes is effortless as well as adding filters and other analysis parameters. BStreams is built to avoid beginner mistakes too!


Share and update
Embed reports and BI dashboards on your website automatically or share them with colleagues and stakeholders using a simple link. Outcomes are updated in real time by simply changing the data.

BStreams Platform Features for Nonprofit


Boost collaboration

Invite your teamates: you can work togheter on the same page.


Proof of error interface and tools

Get reports and dashboards that are easy to understand at a glance and beautiful to look at. No specific skills required.


Collaborate in making a report, easily share results

Allow multi-handed reporting. Create insightful narratives and share them by link, on a client’s social network or website.


High level of customization

Drag and drop insights, add visuals and features, customize reports to suit your functional and style needs.

Easily create effective dashboards and reports, such as annual, administrative or operational reports to be shared internally or externally.

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Take a look: here’s what your Nonprofit can do thanks to BStreams


Create and share summary or operational reports and data stories in minutes, not days

BStreams helps you get the best out of your data by creating customised reports for each purpose

  • Upload data for multi-hand use, organise it under one roof
  • Customise language, charts, tables, maps and layout to match your needs
  • Highlight actionable insights and trends for any of your teams
  • Real time data refresh, easy publishing and sharing options