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KPIs reporting collaborative tool made for Sales Managers

Key Performance Indicators can really help your sales team measure their efficiency. Tell your KPIs in an easy and collaborative way, so you can improve methods and processes to drive sales!


How long do you spend trying to extract valuable insights from sales data?

  • IT teams are always too busy and you need to quickly and independently create sales data dashboards and reports.
  • You are tired of wasteful Excel lists and want workarounds to analyse sales data and visualise them effectively. Knowing the importance of KPIs, you want a way to make them visible at a glance!
  • Members of your team need to create reports and dashboards collaboratively but using spreadsheets it takes a thousand steps.

Whether you are a B2C business or B2B, data is crucial for effective sales management.
Speed up and simplify sales data reporting with flexible dashboards that any member of the team can easily create, update in real time and share online.
Guide your team to the next best action based on your sales data and process.

Unlock the sales data power, share insights and increase sales starting today!

  • When it comes to sales data every change matters. With BStreams you can spot any change without losing precious information in spreadsheets.
  • Sales data helps managers to monitor the performance of the team, plan effective sales strategies, decide on a sales forecasting process and calibrate the length of the sales cycle.
  • Analysing and effectively communicating sales data is essential for developing business. Thanks to BStreams you do it easily, saving time!

Sales dashboards and reports are much more than an interface with complicated numbers and charts.
Thanks to BStreams you can combine informative graphs and actionable metrics giving everybody a quick and clear overview of sales performance.
Unify sales data and deliver insights with no coding!


How to create compelling reports and dashboards

We developed BStreams with sales managers in mind who need to unlock the hidden potential in sales data. Create reports and dashboards in a few minutes starting from the data that only you can access. Add filters, notes and highlight crucial information for each team member, giving life to collaborative communications that drive actions and results.


Upload once for unlimited data visualisation! Each user can independently prepare the data which remains available and can be used in many ways. No work from the IT department is required.


It’s just a Drag and Drop job… Changing views, chart types, formats or table sizes is effortless as well as adding filters and other analysis parameters. BStreams is built to avoid beginner mistakes.


Embed reports and BI dashboards on your website automatically or share them with colleagues and stakeholders using a simple link. Outcomes are updated in real time by simply changing the data when needed.

BStreams Platform Features for your sales team

Create simple operational dashboards and reports to show only the specific information each team member needs to manage sales successfully.


Meets personal reporting needs

Create historical sales analysis, identify the best-selling products by customer, analyse sales by areas, visualise track payments: all this in a simple way.


No IT dependency

Create data streams by connecting multiple data sources, tables and files, without any assistance from your IT department.

enrich data add column

Integrate and enrich data

Unify all data in one place. Enrich the datasets as needed, creating new calculation fields, inserting geographic coordinates, setting filters and analysis parameters.


Easy sharing with stakeholder and audiences

Create your report and share it immediately on your website or via link, with whoever you want.

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Take a look: here’s what your sales team can achieve thanks to BStreams


Create and share dashboards, sales reports and data stories in minutes, not days.

BStreams helps you get the best out of your data by creating customised reports for each seller and agent

  • Upload data for multi-hand use, add filters for better insights
  • Customise language, charts, tables, maps and layout to match your needs
  • Highlight actionable insights and trends for your team members
  • Real time data refresh, easy sharing options