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Data Visualisation, Storytelling & BI reporting Tool

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BStreams Reporting

Create complete and graphically appealing reports for any purpose

BStreams allows teams to quickly and easily extract interesting trends from data in order to create a report without the need to install any software.

Upload data for multi-hand use, enrich any report with graphs, tables and maps, update information in real time. Easy sharing options!

Help the reader dive into data story with interactive charts, maps and tables

Thanks to BStreams your audience can learn more about you, your purpose and your business. Everyone will focus on what really matters.

You can effortlessly create captivating stories with Bstreams, regardless of your background. No data will be hidden in your spreadsheets ever again!

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BStreams Data Visualisation

Get the data visualisation tool that is worth a thousand words

Quickly communicate huge amounts of data at a glance. Easily show trends and insights, add notes, combine numbers and images working in a collaborative way.

No coding or graphic design skill required. Your business runs on data, Bstreams is the way to easily show them to any stakeholder.

Business Intelligence data analysis and BI reporting suitable for anyone

Create eye-catching and effective dashboards rich in data, charts, graphs and maps: it’s just a drag and drop job.

Thanks to Bstreams realising dashboards is no longer too complex a process. You and your team can build BI real-time dashboards from Excel spreadsheets without stress.

BStreams Reporting

Create and share dashboards, reports and data stories in minutes, not days

Whatever your field of work, Bstreams helps you get the best out of your data by creating customised BI dashboards and reports:

  • Visualise the data in a professional way without effort
  • Highlight actionable insights and trends for your stakeholder
  • Real time data refresh, no coding skills required
  • Share via link, on web and social network